As a brand rooted in sustainability, we create earth-friendly beach styles that look effortlessly good and feel even better, because they help protect the places we love. 



Sherif Fayed is an Egyptian-American TV host, entrepreneur and content creator. Above all, he’s a die-hard travel and adventure enthusiast who loves the outdoors—especially the beach and the sea. 


Why I created Seaciety

Anyone who has been following my journey knows that I’m a beach boy at heart and I love being by the sea. I’d live every day in swim shorts if I could, so it’s no wonder I often hear, “Do you wear anything but swimsuits?” That’s what first led me to create a swimwear brand.

But there’s another side of my travel journey—one I never used to talk about—that inspired me to do things a little differently. More and more often, I see oceans, waterways and beaches that are filled with litter and plastic waste. I knew I had to help change that, and this was my opportunity: by creating a brand rooted in sustainability.

Seaciety was born out of a desire to help protect our planet and take better care of our beaches, which is why every suit is made from recycled plastic bottles. But sustainable doesn’t have to mean shortcutting something else. Everything we create looks good, feels good, and can endure the elements, too. Ultimately, I hope to inspire others to make conscious choices when it comes to their clothing, but without having to compromise on style or quality, so they can make the most of those precious summer days.

I’ve poured a lot of love into bringing this brand to life and I’m so excited to share it with all of my fellow beach bums, because Seaciety is just as much yours as it is mine. I can’t wait to see all the good things this community will do together.

Stay salty,
Sherif Fayed  
Founder & CBB (Chief Beach Bum) 

Our Do-Good Commitment

Preserving Our Playground

We do our part to protect our planet. Not because it feels good, but because we have a responsibility. That’s why we’re using fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, transforming careless waste into innovative apparel.

Giving Back

We believe that having a voice and a platform comes with a responsibility to use it for good. It goes beyond inspiring others to live and act consciously; giving back is in our DNA.

From our humble beginnings, where we invited artists and graphic designers to submit fabric designs as a way to showcase their work, to supporting impactful charities and ocean clean-ups, we’re committed to continually doing good for the people and the world around us.

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